Biden has 50–50 chance of losing in 2024

Jobrny's RANT
1 min readNov 19, 2023

Or at least that’s what David Axelrod, Obama’s old campaign manager, believes. Several polls reinforce the belief the current president has a tough road ahead:

Democratic strategist David Axelrod still doesn’t think the Biden camp should get too comfortable about the president’s reelection prospects.

“I think he has a 50–50 shot here, but no better than that, maybe a little worse,” Axelrod told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. “He thinks he can cheat nature here and it’s really risky. They’ve got a real problem if they’re counting on Trump to win it for them. I remember Hillary doing that, too.”

Even if Biden wins, and it will likely be a close election, Trump and the Republicans will try again to steal the White House, as they did in 2020.

One reason Biden is likely for trouble is his handling of the Israeli War against Hamas. Palestinians in Michigan are promising to hold the president responsible for what’s happening in Gaza. Losing Michigan would be disastrous:

RCP is a major polling information site. It combines several general election polls to give a clearer picture. And It has Trump surging.