GOP Congressman Retiring After Rumors he Impregnated 20-year-old Staffer

Jobrny's RANT
Mar 9, 2024

Proof you say? Whenever a politician is caught in a scandal they make the usual statement about their families being harassed, and their work being disrupted He wouldn’t be stepping down if it weren’t true. Keeping power trumps family concerns for a politician:

“Since that announcement, I have been forced to have law enforcement visit my children because of a death threat against me and false and defamatory rumors against me and my family,” Rosendale said. “This has taken a serious toll on me, and my family. Additionally, it has caused a serious disruption to the election of the next Representative for MT-02.”

Rosendale added in his statement that the ongoing “attacks” have made it difficult for him to work in Congress and on his campaign.