Lula Da Silva: What Israel is Doing in Gaza is like what Hitler did to the Jews

Jobrny's RANT
2 min readFeb 18, 2024

The International community is stepping up it’s condemnation of the genocide in Gaza by the Israeli military. And this includes, this strong response from Lula De Silva, President of Brazil.

Of course, the Apologists in the press for the genocide in Gaza spew Israel’s line:

This headline from the BBC is an example: “Israel condemns Brazil’s Lula likening Gaza war to Holocaust.”

But they even admit that the Brazilian president denounced Hamas, so is therefore not a biased against Israel, in this matter: “The veteran left-wing politician condemned Hamas after its gunmen killed at least 1,200 people and seized 253 hostages in a surprise attack on Israel on 7 October.”

Reuters went all in on it’s bias: “Israel incensed after Brazil’s Lula likens Gaza war to Holocaust.” The article starts with taking the Israeli government’s talking point: “Israel accused Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of trivialising the Holocaust and causing offence to the Jewish people on Sunday after he likened the Israeli war against Hamas militants in Gaza to the Nazi genocide during World War Two.”

Reuters headline is almost identical to one by ‘Times of Israel’: “Israel livid as Brazil’s Lula says Israel like ‘Hitler,’ committing genocide in Gaza.”

Which is similar to that of Israel newspaper, Haaretz: “Netanyahu Slams Brazil’s Lula for Comparing Israel’s Gaza Actions to ‘Hitler’s Genocide.’

Lula has consistent is denouncing the Israeli abuses in Gaza. He did not compare it to the what the German’s did to the Jews 3 months. Only now after the non-stop murdering of the innocents has he spoken out with even stronger language.

Lula Da Silva, President of Brazil